Thursday, March 19, 2009

Springy Fried Wontons

I tell you, I love the first signs of spring. We got a really good dose back in the very beginning of March and then it got cold again. Finally, yesterday it was 70 degrees and lovely here after a long cold, wet spell. So what is a girl to do? Drinks on the patio!

Friends of our recently had a new baby (as opposed to the old kind???) and I called them up to see if they were up for venturing the block over to our house for snacks and drinks. I was particularly psyched they agreed to come because he is a really amazing photographer ( check out his blog here, there is some true food porn…if you are in to that sort of thing :) ) and I was hoping to pick his brain a bit. While I can find my way around the kitchen, I am totally lost with a camera in my hand. The more blogs I see the more I realize how woefully inadequate my pictures are!
For munchies I did some non-traditional wontons. I didn’t really write things down as I went (hey, the kids were sleeping so I was working against the clock!) but I will tell you what I did. I did two different types of wontons.
Chicken, Blue Cheese and Walnut
For this I took a pound of raw chicken breast, put it in the food processor, and added 2 shots of Pear Absolute and salt and pepper and processed. I then added about 1/3 c. of blue cheese and about the same of roasted walnuts. Then I just put a drop of the mixture into the middle of a wonton wrapper, pinched it together and fried, until golden. (Note: Do not to get the oil too hot otherwise you will have a black outside and raw inside. )
I will do these again, they were good, however next time I would also put some fresh pear in, it needed a bit more sweet for me.

St. Andre’ and Apple Butter

This was even easier, just put a small bit of the cheese in the middle of the wonton and a dab of apple butter pinch it together and then fry.
These were good, almost like dessert. I love cheese any sort of fruit concoction though. If you don’t, just do the cheese alone or the cheese and some fresh herb would also be wonderful.

It was a perfect way to end the day. The weather was wonderful, the children played and I got to enjoy some really wonderful company. God I love spring!

Just a reminder you need to get by to see Donna she has this stuffed flank steak that makes me want to weep.
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Finally for more pictures of our wonderful evening go by Punch Photo


scott said...

Those are really swell pics, M.G.!
Thanks for the hangout. We loved it!

zerrin said...

chicken, cheese and walnut combination is totally new to me. But I love their flavors, so I'm sure it has an unforgettable taste.

Mommy Gourmet said...

Well considering I am pretty sure one of the pictures you took just with my camera....uhh thanks?? However, I did take some pretty nice pictures (for me) today of this noodle dish. So thanks!

Donna-FFW said...

How am I missing all these?? Thank you for the link! I love these wontons! They sound delicious with the cheese and walnuts too!! Your photos look wonderful!

Reeni♥ said...

I love wontons. Such fabulous flavor combos!! These look awesome. Your friend does take great pictures.

Chris said...

Spring does invigorate the cook in me! I like to do most of my cooking outside so I love the later evening light. Great looking wontons.