Monday, March 9, 2009

A Bit Blogged Down

This was an interesting week here. Wednesday was Tristan’s Birthday and we took him to sled in the first decent snow of his four years. Saturday was his party where family came to wish him happy birthday, and it was 80 degrees and sunny. Go figure.

I got a little off track with cooking. For his birthday, Tristan wanted Mac and Cheese, and so that is what he got.

For dessert I made him cupcakes. I cheated a bit and used a box for the cake but I made the cream filling and icing. He tried so hard to keep them away from his sister,

and like most women, she found a way of getting what she wanted.

On the day of his party he had fun playing on a new (to us that is) swing set….mostly assembled,

and his sister was a perfect angel (obligatory halo included).

We had pizza (per the birthday boys request) and cake on the patio and good time was had by all.

Luckily for Mommy and Daddy we got to go to a friends house for an AMAZING dinner that night and amidst the chaos of that day it was a wonderful thing to look forward to.


Donna-FFW said...

What wonderful photos. Adorable. Sounds like a great day!

Chef E said...

They are little angels! Not sure what my 22 year old will want for his birthday, maybe all A's in his classes :)

Anonymous said...

Your kids are adorable! Love the photos.

Jeanne said...

How sweet! Your little gal always looks like an angel! And your new website format looks superb - well done. Don't forget about the dog treats recipe...

Reeni♥ said...

How fun! They are such cuties!

Cate said...

the cuteness abounds! love that your daughter found a way to get the sweetness. smart girl.

and the birthday boy seems to have lived it up pretty good himself.

loved seeing all of the pictures.

Everything's Herbed said...

happy birthday to your little boy. your kids are adorable!