Thursday, March 26, 2009

Creamy Asparagus Cavatappi Pasta

I have to say upfront, once again, punch photo helped me with these pictures, and by help I mean... he took them

This month on the Foodie BlogRoll joust the ingredients were Asparagus, Lemon Grass, and Almonds. It is my first "joust" and this is what I came up with. Go by and see what everyone else had to do and vote for who you like best,1218.msg10058.html#msg10058t

1 lb pasta
3 tbs butter
1/4 lb prosciutto diced
1 onion minced
1 clove garlic grated
1 lemon grass stalk, cut into several pieces
2 tbs flour
1c. dry white wine
2 tbs flour
¼ milk
2 c. of cream
½ c. of grated parmesan
1 cup almond slivers toasted
1 pound chopped asparagus blanched

Heat oven to 350 and start water for pasta.
Once oven is ready put the almond slivers on a baking sheet and toast for 7 minutes. Set aside.
Chop about ¼ of the prosciutto, and put in a very hot skillet. Cook until just a bit crisp. Set aside.
Heat 2 tablespoons of butter in a pan and wilt onions.
Add the garlic, lemon grass, last tablespoon of butter and ¾ of the prosciutto and cook another 3 minutes.
Sprinkle flour in the pan and mix until everything is coated and a paste is formed.
Slowly add the white wine (I prefer a super dry wine)
Let this cook over low heat until sauce has thickened to the consistency of a pudding.
Meanwhile, blanch the asparagus and put the pasta in to cook..
Once the wine has thickened add the milk and again let thicken to the consistency of a pudding.
Finally slowly add the cream mixing well. Cook until just slightly thickened (about 2 minutes).
Throw blanched asparagus (make sure to dry it) and parmesan in the sauce and toss .
Once pasta is done and drained, toss with sauce, top with the fried prosciutto and almonds and serve.

Serves 4

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Bunny Trails said...

Oh yummy, yummy, yummy! You know that you need to be in that 'MUST READ' list too! I am drooling over this pasta dish. I'm thinking I might pay you to teach me how to cook like you :) Seriously!

I'll shoot you an email sometime today. I swear, I've been crazier, busier, and more stressed since I left work than before. Ahhhhhh! Ok, I feel better now! LOL

teresa said...

What a lovely dish, looks delicious!

Donna-FFW said...

Gorgeous dish, I love all the flavors. Aspargaus is one of my most favorite vegetables.

Reeni♥ said...

What a delicious dish you put together here. So comforting and full of goodies!

Carrie said...

Yummy, I love pasta! This looks great!

Sara said...

This sounds like a great dish! I made a creamy asparagus pasta recipe from Giada for dinner last night, great minds think alike :)

Anonymous said...

Great Joust entry! Love the prosciutto in this pasta too! Delicious! And I love the photo!

Anonymous said...

I love this dish! It is definitely on my "must make" list!

~Carole said...

Looks like you made a great recipe for the Joust. And the photos are excellent.

Netts Nook said...

This pasta looks great love the Asparagus.

Mom's Cafe Home Cooking said...

This is a delicious looking dish. I have it bookmarked to try. Thanks for sharing!

zerrin said...

Lemon grass and wine are totally new to me for cooking pasta. We don't have lemon grass here, but wine sounds terrific.

scott said...

I can speak to how amazing this was since I got to take it home after photographing it. My wife threatened me with her fork after having a mouthful! Well done, M.G.!

Sophie said...

What a beautiful pasta dish!! I love the lemongraas in here!! MMMMMMM....

Chris said...

That looks awesomely delish! Now I want pasta for breakfast.

Allison said...

Yum! This is the first time I've been to your blog - great recipes!

Cooks Illustrated has a recipe with cavatappi, blue cheese, walnuts and arugula. You finish it with a bit of gated green apple! It's delicious - great for the cool Spring we've been having. I'm pretty sure the recipe is in the New Best Recipe book.

Cate said...

making this just as soon as that asparagus makes its way into the markets up here. 2 weeks ago, i asked my favorite local farmer (and supplier of the most tender, sweet asparagus). two weeks, he said, but then he wasn't at the market this week because (i'm assuming here) it was a horrid little day around here. wind howling, freezing cold. and steady pouring rain. so, i will wait another week, but it's killing me. looks so yummy!

Dazy said...

I'm trying to make this tomorrow. I think I'll try to shoot it, but I don't think it will be as pretty as your picture!