Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Year of Bad Blogging at Mommy Gourmet???

There are so many things I manage to do okay. Take care of the house, keep the kids clean (reasonably), I am a good neighbor, usually a good wife and I am a pretty good friend. However, one thing I fall short on is being a great fellow blogger.

I love my blog. It is hard to explain, but my blog was born about the time I began to panic thinking…holy cow, I am done with having children (I think), and in a few short years mommy needs to figure out what I will be when I grow up. I thought WHAT am I really good at?? I felt, a little used up and like I would never amount to much outside of my four walls (strike the violins). Let me just regress, like every mother does when we say such a thing, I LOVE being a mom. I am privileged I got the opportunity to stay at home with y children. That said, I am apparently innately greedy and wanted to have accomplishments that were solely my own. Thus, Mommy Gourmet was born. Actually Novice Epicurean was born, but I didn’t like the name so it got switched.

I have gotten two things out of blogging (at least). First, it gave me something tangible, that was mine. Just mine. My thoughts, my inventions, my call. No having to consult and compromise. Good or bad it was all me. Plus it connected me to this whole world of super supportive people. I can’t tell you how many times I was having an awful day (translated into, baby just bit me and big brother just broke something…again) and would get a comment and it would make my day. Consequently it made me a better mom and wife.

However, the reality is I have two children 4 (3 when I started) and 18 months (a wee 6th months when I took this on), and if I get a blog posted everyday, it is amazing I was able to carve that time out. And for me, that can sometimes be the worst part about blogging. There are so many amazing blogs. I often fanaticize that when the kids are in school I will get to leisurely read and extensively comment on all these blogs I love. However, that leisure time, is just so limited right now. So when I get to one of my favorites I am typically a week or more behind and it takes me forever to get caught up (I hate feeling I missed out on anything… shut up Sondra). What this makes me is a bad blogger. The reality is blogging is a community and to get support you got to give it, but so often I don’t get to visit my favorite blogs as often as I wished (I wished daily but would settle for every couple days).

Deep breath. Exhale. So in the not to distant future I will be coming up on my one year anniversary of Mommy Gourmet. This has got me thinking I would like to do something to commemorate it. I was thinking a give away or such. I still might. However, what I really want to do, is give bit back to the bloggers that have supported me so much over the last year.

There is no order in which I will do this. My goal is to highlight 3-4 bloggers every week. I will post about you guys, throw a link to your site and update you on my blogroll (sorry I have been terrible about keeping that updated). For the week you are my bloggers of choice I will include a link to your site in each post I do.

I just want to give a little of the love and support I have gotten. This way even if I can’t visit your sites every day, I can throw some support your way.

So to kick things off……

I have to start with my very first follower. Bunny Trails at Wonderings http://bunnytrailthoughts.blogspot.com/ . Her honesty and openness is addicting. One day I hope to get to actually meet her face to face (we live in the same city), as I am POSITIVE she is as utterly charming in real life as she is on her blog. So go check her out, you will be glad you did.

Next has to be Donna at My Tasty Treasures http://mytastytreasures.blogspot.com/ go on …go there now I will wait….. SEEE!!! Isn’t she a riot, and her food…ohh la la. The reality is she is a good blogger on so many levels. Her blog is one my favorites. She is make you laugh unti milk shoots out your nose, funny. However, even more, she supports her fellow bloggers amazingly. Honestly, read her blog, you will be glad you did.

Finally, Chef E at Behind the Wheel Chef http://cookappeal.blogspot.com/ she is a must see. She is witty and open and has amazing recipes and photos. She has been a real source of inspiration to me and encouragement.

So please take time and go check these site out. You will be happy you did. And don’t worry I will be doing this every week for awhile so just wait you will see yourself soon, and thanks for the support.

A.K.A Mommy Gourmet


Chef E said...

Oh your so sweet (as always!), and funny you are going to be mentioned on my site later this afternoon!

I am not giving awards just making all you wonderful followers honorary ?...no I am not telling you have to come over and see later!

I love the word 'Tangible' used it in a poem I got published...

Donna said...

Oh how sweet of you. I heart you for that! It means so much that you thought of me. Thank you, Vanessa!! You made my day and am having a pretty sucky one!So, I needed that vote of support right now:)

Reeni♥ said...

Your such a sweetie for doing this! We all understand being busy and you have two little munchkins to chase after all day. Totally understandable!

Anonymous said...

I totally can relate to everything you just said!

I for one totally enjoy reading your blog, whenever a new entry appears!