Friday, December 19, 2008

Pork Taco’s and Lentil Soup

This ends up being 2 meals. Half the pork tenderloin is used for the pork tacos and half is used for the lentils. The lentils form almost like a chili, it is a very hearty bean soup. Also note, I used the tenderloin, not a loin roast. I think that is much better for this dish. If you want more information on costs and meals go to the most neglected blog in the world, family meals for less and check it out.

Pork lion 2.5 lb
1 Onion chopped
1 bag of red lentils
2 tbs cumin
1 jar of sofrito sauce
6 cups of chicken stock
1 cup of red wine
1 tbs oil
Salt and pepper to taste

We used this as two separate meals. The first meal was pork tacos, with refried beans and rice. The second meal is a pork and lentil soup with salad.

Here is how I did it. In a stock pot I sautéed the onions in a bit of oil. Add the bullion and lentils. Add the wine and sofrito sauce. Bring to a boil. Salt pepper pork tenderloin and add to pot. Add cumin. Reduce and allow to simmer for 45 minutes. Check periodically to make sure tenderloin is under liquid and stir the beans. Once the tenderloin is good and tender take it out and shred the meat. Add half back into the lentils. We set the lentils aside for another day, you could have them in or with the tacos too. The meat that is left is for the pork tacos. It should have a good flavor form cooking in the lentils, but if you want you add more cumin.

To top the tacos I made a quick salsa with three tomatillos. I cleaned three put it in the processor with 1 garlic clove, a pinch of red pepper, salt pepper and 2 tsp of lemon juice. Also, I put a little lime juice and salt in the sour cream too. We had our pork tacos with lettuce, sour cream and salsa on corn tortillas. I have to say, they were pretty tasty.


Chef E said...

You had me at Tacos...Yum!

Mommy Gourmet said...

I tell you, I love me a taco!

Bob said...

I loooove pork tacos! Those look wicked good.

Swestie said...

This is what I made w. that hunk of pork that I bought vaccuum sealed at Trader Joes. I crock pot it with a can of black beans and serve it w. salsa and guac. over soft tortillas. Even the kids eat it, and very few ingredients!!

Plus, I think your summation of the cheese experience bt.WH and ET is right on. I am lazy however and usually don't get cheese that I cant get at Ukrop's.

Finally, I made it to Food Lion, and it really IS much nicer. I still don't like it though. (=