Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Orange Chocolate Chips

I am not quite sure why but for some reason I have really been on an orange and chocolate kick this holiday. That said, I made some chocolate chip cookies the other day. I followed the nestle tollhouse recipe, except, I added 3 tbs of fresh orange zest and used ½ c. dark chocolate and ½ c semi sweet. They were outstanding. Among my favorite flavor combinations in the world are strawberry and chocolate, banana and chocolate and orange and chocolate. I was wondering if there would be some way to use super ripe banana’s in the batter? That may be my next experiment!


Bunny Trails said...

oh, bananas and chocolate are a fave combo of mine... and orange and cranberry for some reason. YUM! These look delish (as does everything you make!)

have an amazing holiday!

Chef E said...

Oh I do not mind the combination, one of my favs for sure!

Happy New Year!