Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Love My Readers!!

Dear Reader,

Okay! So I decided to make things a little more exciting going into the holidays. My traffic has been up quite a bit and I really want to encourage that and keep my faithful followers… well… uh… faithful. So I decided ‘tis the season of giving! And what better way to let you guys know how much I love you being around than a give-a-way.

The winners will be announced every Wednesday, as well as the prize for the next weeks give-a-way. Each contest ends at midnight on Tuesday. Here are the following contests:

Just Follow Me! Starting tomorrow and going until December 10th, each person that signs up to follow me will be added into a drawing. Everyone that signs up (or has already signed up) before midnight tonight will be get 3 entries. The person who is picked will win their choice of a $10 gift certificate to Ellwood Thompson or Penzeys Spices. (Please note: if you elect to follow me, but not be public, you will have to leave a comment and let me know and let me know how to reach you in case you win.)

I Am Needy! The next contest will be from December 11th until 17th. I want to see how many people you can refer to Mommy Gourmet! You will get entered to win a prize (to be announced December 10th) for each person who comes to Mommy Gourmet and posts a comment saying you referred them. Be sure to follow up on the 17th as I will post the winner and you will need to let me know how to get your prize to you.

Possibly A Bit Codependent! The next contest will be from December 18th until December 24th. I want to see you on Twitter. I have added a link to my Twitter page to the left. Come join me, but you have to leave a comment! I will announce the winner of the final contest on Christmas Eve.

Finally I have been playing with Mommy Gourmet’s look and layout a bit. I have streamlined some things and added others. I really want your feedback. Tell me if you like it. Tell me what you would change. There is something special in it if you do (shhh! I am not telling!) Only honest feedback though, if you like something tell me why, if you hate it (I can take it, I swear) tell me!

Thanks for making the 9 months so much fun. I really do love you guys!!

A.K.A Mommy Gourmet


Swestie said...

Cool! Looks great. I like that bookmark thing. I almost used that last night... maybe now I will.

Also, I found another site like the SITS. Will foward.

Lots of love!

Ellwood said...

Hi Vanessa,
I just wanted to thank you for your offering your readers E.T. gift cards. You have a wonderful blog, I got hungry even after eating a huge lunch while reading it. I especially like your meals under $10 ideas for your other blog as well. We did a sampling event in the store last saturday of meals for four under $6 my favorite was creamy butternut squash soup and fresh baked french bread. I look forward to reading more of your ideas and seeing you in the store.
Mommy Gourmet Fan, from Ellwood Thompson's Local Market

Joie de vivre said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Good luck with your giveaway, it sounds like a great idea!

joanh said...

haha. i know what you mean.. i am trying to do a giveaway and reader's choice on my blog too.. and i'm bummed not more people are commenting, but hopefully more people will participate before it's over.