Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...And the Winner Is? Hmm Good Question!

Sorry it took me so long to announce the winner today, but there is not much to announce (*sigh*). Good gracious people, no one commented saying they were referred. The best I got was from doggybloggy at Chez What ( ) who was clever enough to refer himself. Not technically what I was going for, but I have to give an “A” for effort and originality and so I deem him the winner. He wins a $10 gift certificate to Bende. Again, I will not post today, but ask everyone to go visit his blog and show him some blog love holiday style!

The next contest was asking you to follow me on Twitter. I have found out… I am NOT a twitter type of gal. I know so many are all a twitter over twitter, but I just don’t love it. That said, Mommy Gourmet is on Facebook. I will be working to get an icon out there, but for now go and find me on face book if you drop me a line or sign up as a reader you will be entered to win $10 gift certificate to Crossroads Coffee and Ice cream or if you are NOT local to Penzeys Spices.

That said, I hope everyone is hanging in there. I know it is a really hectic time of year and I want to thank all of you for your continued support. It amazes me! So I am

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Chef E said...

He is a 'Smart' Doggy...I follow him and his stuff is so clever!