Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Okay, I have to totally admit I am pilfering here. I was checking out River City Food and Wine and I saw something I had to try. Pear-kissed Martini. Oh, it sounded good, but I am sucker for pear. So today at the store (the food lion off of Forest Hill! No I am not joking…go in if you haven’t been there recently, it is a whole new world of gourmet and specialty??!!) I looked for the pear nectar the recipe calls for. Sadly no pear nectar to be found. However, I saw the guava nectar and it called to me. So inspired by the pear-kissed martini and in the mood for a good cocktail I forged ahead. I have to say this is really good. It is dangerous though, it has a really tropical taste (but not super sweet) and doesn’t give away the alcohol that is really in it. Enjoy!
3oz vodka
3oz guava nectar
1 ½ oz triple sec
½ oz roses lime

Shake well with ice and serve. I would garnish (if you do) with a lime twist.

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pjpink said...

The Guavatini sounds yummy as well! You have such good taste... as I imbibe a house made Cosmo - Russian vodka, Gran Gala orange brandy, Pama pomegranite liqueur, and unsweetened cranberry juice. Cheers!