Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beef Satay Lo Mien

Okay this is t three-parter but is easy… trust me! Plus if you do a larger cut of meat like the london broil you will have that left over for another meal… so it is a two-fer! If you don’t love the spice you can leave off the Sriacha sauce in the sauce.

MeatLondon Broil or other cut of beef
Fish sauce
Garlic Chili Sauce

Lo Mien
1 package of lo mien
1 cup of broccoli (just floret, small pieces)
3 carrots
½ sweet onion or 1 bunch of green onion

6 TBS peanut butter (or ¼ c plus 2 tablespoon, I just hate to dirty two thing!)
1 c. cilantro
Juice of two limes or about 3 tablespoons
3 tablespoons fish sauce
3 tbs water
2 tsp sriracha hot sauce

How much garlic, salt and fish sauce depends on the size of the cut you decide on. (I used about 2 lb cut of london broil. I used 3 TBS of minced garlic. 3 TBS fish sauce, 2 tsp salt. ) I put the meat in a bag and put the fish sauce, garlic and salt and let is sit for about an hour. Make sure the meat is coated fist. While meat is setting, heat oven to 350. Bake meat for 30 minutes. Pull out and coat the top with a thin layer for the garlic chili sauce (if you don’t have it skip it and just keep cooking meat for another 15 minutes of so). Once coated put under the broiler for 7-10 minutes. Let set.
Cook lo mien noodles to package instructions. Drain and cool. Add broccoli (chop to small florets) onion and carrot. Toss.
Add all the sauce ingredients to food processor or bender (or you can hand stir) and process. Do not add the sauce until right before you are ready to serve or the lo mien dries out.
Plate lo mien (once sauce is added) top with 4-5 pieces of thinly sliced beef. Enjoy…


Swestie said...

Where do you come up with these things? We had a beautiful time last night! Sorry you couldn't make it!

pjpink said...

Where do you get your fish sauce? I got so used to the one at Mekong that nothing that I have ever purchased at a store (including Tan-A) satisfies me.