Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Website Devoted to Richmond Food Lovers

I have to share some really exciting news with everyone! So often in my life I find myself saying, “Greater minds than mine…(fill in the blank…there are many!).” This is yet another one of those times. Jason for Caramelized OpiNIONS has started a new blog that is a compilation of local Richmond food blogs. The new site is I highly recommend you go check it out and see what other Richmonders are doing!Shortly there will be a button to the right you can click on to get there!

Later today I will be posting last nights dinner…. Scallop and crab cakes with goat cheese and capers. Yummmmmy!


RVA Foodie said...

Thanks, um... Mommy (?).
I'm not smart, though. Maybe intuitive, once in a while. Plus, others were involved in starting EatingRichmond and it's just starting to come together. Glad you like it. Keep up the appetizing blogging (ancho-loaf and lemon drop drinks sound good to me). Cheers.

Chef E said...

My hubby travels there for business so often, and I drive down for a weekend visit, so I will check it out!