Friday, February 27, 2009

Humbled and Excited

I knew it was only a matter of time before someone recognized my genius…(joke!) however, I am humbled. Donna, of My Tasty Treasures has given me, little old me, an award. Now the reason this is so humbling absolutely requires that you go check out her blog, . Her blog not only contains interesting recipes, beautiful photos and an overall pleasing design, she is just the funniest thing going. I mean I SWEAR she makes me laugh out loud (like milk shooting out of your nose laugh) and someone that can tickle my funny bone while tickling my hungry bone, well what more could a girl ask for? Well…. I will leave it to her to tell you!

So now I get the pleasure to pick my 10 favorite blogs and award them!

I have to say narrowing it down to 10 is near impossible, but I will do my very best. Bare with me while I take my Jack Nicholson Oscar moment and say some things I have been thinking for quit a while but had no real opportunity to say. Please go by and see these blogs… you really can’t imagine what you are missing if you don’t! Now for my top ten!

1. My first shout out has to go to PJ of River City Food and Wine, . I have received a lot from blogging, mostly in the form of a mental escape from the doldrums versus over stimulation of parenting. However, one of the best parts has been getting to meet a fellow blogger I had admired for so long and get to know her. Lucky for me she was in lovely in person as her blog is.
2. Cate ,of Tribeca Yummy Mummy ,besides being a mom I wished lived around the corner from me, her blog is lovely. I just want to eat everything up. I also admire her gumption for pulling her wee bits into the kitchen with her. As of yet, in my house, kitchen time is still mommy time.
3. Chef E at Behind the Wheel Chef is fantastic. Her blog is beautiful, fun, funny, and lovely in one pretty package. She is full of great ideas and lovely meals.
4. Five Star Foodie is amazing. Her photos are just amazing! I will warn you….eat before you enter or you will be in trouble!
5. Give Recipe ! I was thrilled when I found this blog. Both my brother and I were born in Turkey and I grew up on stories of the lovely people, food, times etc.. While my parents cook a great deal of Turkish cuisine this is a veritable treasure trove and I just am beside myself with happiness!
6. Go on, do it, go visit Ricardo at and tell me you wouldn’t be wishing to be in the U.K. with that handsome lad cooking for you…. I mean really!
7. Not only is the blog name a hoot Gastronomic Guesswork will leave you drooling! This is yet another site not to go into hungry (or mad at your husband for being a slacker or unrefined) because nothing good can come of it!
8. Mama chicken . Her blog is full of wit, beautiful pictures and great ideas.
9. Diana at Dianasaur would be my vote for a feel good blog. I can quit say way, but it always gives me the warm fuzzies, plus makes me hungry. Go figure.
10. Finally, Fuji Mama at La Fuji Mama She is another feel good blog to me. I love the graphic, the recipes and the pictures and if you haven’t “met” Squirrel… well you just don’t know what your missing.

If you are interested in passing the love on follow this link for the rules


zerrin said...

Hi Vanessa,
I am so excited when I see my blog here. This is the first time for me to be awarded. I can hear the'm delighted that you like my recipes of Turkish cuisine. Thank you for giving a place for giverecipe in your blog.

Chef E said...

Sweet, I will blog about this tomorrow, thank you so much, I love your stuff too...

Mama Chicken said...

Thanks for the blog love Mommy G... I'm honored! :)

Anonymous said...

Big congrats on your award and thank you so much for passing to me! I am honored to be in this great list of blogs! I will blog about it on my next post. Thanks!

Diana said...

I'm so excited! I've never gotten an award before. I'm super duper sick and just got back from the hospital and this is the first thing to make me smile. I'll blog about it when I'm a little better. Thanks!

pjpink said...

I am extremely honored. Thank you for listing me among your favorites. It has been so fun getting to know you and daddy!

Fuji Mama said...

Thank you so much! I feel so honored (and so does Squirrel)!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vanessa! Very honored to be mentioned on your blog and among this group of Foodies!