Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chipmunks and Grapes

Okay, this is pushing the envelope for food related, but I just had to share (though I am quite sure many are wishing I wouldn’t!). When I pick Tristan up from preschool I bring a snack and some water to make the ride home more bearable for all involved (otherwise the ride home is filled with whining about being so hungry he might expire). Today he had grapes and in the cluster was an itty bitty baby grape.

Tristan: “Mom who eats this tiny grape?”
Mommy: “I don’t know Tristan, what do you think?”
Tristan: “Uhmmm, could you roll down the window.”
Mommy:” Uhmm, Okay.”

The window goes down and Tristan expels the tiny grape on to the black top below and looks quite please with himself.

Tristan: “ Now when a little chipmunk is walking along he will find it and think, ‘hey, look here is something to eat.’ “

Kid…you kill me.

Mommy: “what a splendid idea, I think the chipmunk will like that quite well.”

About 5 minutes passes.

Tristan: “ Mommy, I have more chipmunks to feed can you roll down the window. There are three that need food. Mommy (and he tosses one), Daddy (another) and little sister (and the last goes flying.)”

When we finally pull up front, of the house he gets out of the car.

Tristan: “Oh no! I did it all wrong!”
Mommy: “What honey?”
Tristan: “I need to feed the chipmunks on the sidewalk, that way it will be safe for them to eat. They shouldn’t be in the road.”

I swear, some days he is just too much. So we put our stuff inside and out we went to feed our chipmunks (wherever they might be??) safely.


Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

How adorable!!!!

zerrin said...

That's so cute... Kids are always more clever than us.

Chef E said...

No I love it when people share! They came out so cute for a reason!

Mommy Gourmet said...

I think most days he must be so cute so I don't bop him on the head... then he goes and is utterly charming. Just like his dad!