Monday, July 14, 2008

Why I Love Food

Well, honestly good food it just, well, good. However, food is a sharing experience. Growing up my parents used food as a way of teaching us about and respect for other cultures. It was a way of figuratively and quite literally showing what we all bring to the table. It is a way of exploring our many differences and fundamental sameness.
Think of your fondest memories, don’t most… if not all bring up thoughts of a food or drink you had? Whether it be wine with friends, or Holiday dinners with family. Maybe that hot coco on snowy days, or snow ice cream? That is what these pictures also represent. It is a remembering and sharing of a particular time. It reminds me of my trip to West Virginia with my friends. I see these pictures my friend Sallie drew while sitting around and I remember that drink in that glass (a gimlet I believe!) and the smell of her hot tea that she drank from a bowl. I remember how nice it was to sit with those women, and be. And talk uninterrupted by children. I remember the yummy truffle cheese we had. I remember the olives and the sought after salami that never made it!! And…. I remember those Doritos. Like I said before, it doesn’t have to be fancy… JUST GOOD!

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Sallie West said...

oh woe to the salami... do you still have it?