Monday, July 28, 2008

Imitation… Sincere Flattery?

Yes it is! Okay you guys know I loved the scallops at Delux, so I had to see if I could rip off their idea. It is not the same but pretty close, and so very very good!
1lb large scallops
¼ lb pancetta
2 shallots chopped fine
1 TBS olive oil
1TBS white Truffle oil
Salt and Pepper

To start, you can get truffle oil at Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table. Cut pancetta up into little pieces and place in skillet. After 1 minute throw in shallots. Cook until shallots are soft and set aside. Meanwhile seasons scallops and cook. Be careful not to overcook. Once scallops are done, drizzle some truffle oil on plate and place scallops in oil, drizzle with a little more (be careful a little goes a long way) and top with pancetta/shallot mixture. Enjoy! Nothing beats, an easy and delicious meal!

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