Monday, July 21, 2008

Delux Ideas

Sometimes the best inspiration is letting someone else cook for you! Recently I went to Delux . For those of you in Richmond ,that is right across from Sticky Rice on Main. I went with some girlfriends for cocktails so I just got the scallops appetizer. The scallops where done, in truffle oil with pancetta. Forgetaboutit! I hate skimpy portions, so when they brought out just two scallops I thought, “Are you kidding me?!” However, this dish reminded me that something perfect and lovely is really best small. It was so wonderful. I am a huge fan of truffle. It really is on my top ten things that I want to take with me to my great reward. However, I am at a loss, often, for cooking ideas where I can use it. It needs delicate base so it can be the stand out flavor in a dish. Scallops where perfect, but nothing I had thought of before. So that one trip to Delux besides being SO MUCH FUN, gave me a whole host of new ideas. Reason enough for me to call the girls up again for a night out! Where to next time?

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Sallie West said...

Girl, with whom were you eating scallops that wasn't me? (=

I want to go next time.