Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Navy Beans with Spinach

I think this could be good as a cold dish too. I would just forgo the bullion, water and wine, and use lemon and olive oil.

½ onion
6 1/8 inch slices of smoked pork lion ( I get at Bende.com) or 10 slices bacon
1 bag navy beans
2 chicken bullion
1 c. wine
1 cup frozen, 4 cups fresh spinach
Soak beans overnight. Sautee onion and bacon or lion. In large corning dish add beans, soaking water, bullion and 2 c. water and wine. Add pork and onion, salt, pepper, tarragon and plenty of marjoram. Put in oven at 350 and cook for 45 min, when almost done, add spinach, let cook until just warm (5 min).

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