Friday, May 2, 2008

Thai Pork and Green Beans

Again, this is not an original. My parents had friends that are Thia and she learned it from her. That said, I have never seen it on a menu anywhere so, hopefully you have never had it either. It is my husbands favorite dish. I love it because it is great and quick and easy. The spice level can be changed with the addition of more curry. My mom always made it with red curry, I usually make it with green. Honestly I don’t know the difference. My mom never had measurements it was an "eyeball it" recipe. This is great if you are like we are and you love pork lion but if you make a whole one, you have 5 meals. Cut off a bit and set it aside for this dish.

1-1.5 lb pork, tenderloin is best but not necessary
3-4 handfuls of fresh green beans cleaned ( I know not very precise but I am thinking about 5 cups).
1/3 can of curry
¼ C. fish sauce
1 TBS oil
3-4 C. Rice

In wok heat oil and add curry. Sautee curry for 1 minute. Add pork, and fish sauce. Cook until almost done. Add green beans cook until just done but still firm. Serve over rice.

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