Saturday, August 23, 2008

Grown up S’mores

This is soooooo good and a great and easy choice for a low key dinner or cookout. If you cookout you can do the marshmallow over the grill, otherwise, you can do it over the stove top (yes I said stove top…now I have gas, but I am pretty confident a coil burner would work too). Worse case, get the jar marshmallow fluff. The surprising part about these is you can actually make it ahead (3-4 hours or so) and keep it out at room temp and while maybe not quite as good as when it is first made it is 99% for sure. It is also good with white chocolate too.
Chocolate graham crackers
Package of the large marshmallows
Raspberry jam
Dark chocolate
Smear jam on graham cracker (don’t go crazy or you will have a mess but don’t be too spare or you will loose it), place chocolate on time and pop hot marshmallow. Viola! Too good to be so easy.

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Swestie said...

Those were deLISH!