Thursday, June 26, 2008

Simple Pleasures--the birth of the fluffer nutter butter gutter

Sometimes it is not about fancy ingredients and grown up desires. Sometimes it is just about something yummy. Growing up people were always afraid to cook for my father. My Aunt always cites the first time she went to visit my mother after she married my dad. My mother had made some dish and used powdered ginger. My father, as legend has it, and knowing him I believe, took a bit and said, “You didn’t use fresh ginger did you?” My Aunt recalls not even being able to tell ginger was in the dish. She was always worried to cook for dad after that. Many folks were. I always tried to explain, it doesn’t have to be fancy to impress him, just good. A good burger is just as heavenly to him as a good filet. It just has to be good.
That is what I was thinking today. I had a 3 year old that was terribly out of sorts. I was out of cereal and he wasn’t having the idea of eggs. I couldn’t sell him on the Kashi waffle either, because at that point he was contrary for contrary sake. So out came, the “fluffer nutter butter gutter” (I dunno, I was desperate for a giggle, or at least desperate to end the tears). I toasted some bread, spread some creamy peanut butter on it and took the 100% true maple syrup from the freezer (just heaven in its own right if you ask me) and smeared it all together in a ridiculous concoction. And you know what? It was good. No Eggs Benedict, but just plain old good.
Try it.

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