Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a Simple Girl

I like things all sorts of ways. I love new twists on old dishes. I love fusion. I pretty much love anything that tastes good. Give me some Cajun risotto, I am game. I think grilled root vegetables would be grand. However, there are certain things I like just plain and simple. Shrimp is one of them. Don’t get me wrong, no matter how you fix it I am sure I will love it. I will eat it and ask for more. It won’t be about being polite, I really will adore the dish. However, at the end of the day give me some plain old shrimp with a little cocktail sauce that has some bite and you can color me happy.

I am also simple when it comes to the cocktail sauce. In fact, the simpler the better . I know there are folks that put Worcestershire in theirs and other fancy stuff. To make me happy I just need a ton of horseradish, and if I feel extra fancy a squeeze of lemon and I call it a day.



Chef E said...

My friend Gen and I were just talking about that, just plain ole shrimp will do us fine, no frills like my lobster dish...that is one thing I miss about the south, the all you can eat (peel and eat)shrimp bars...they were worth the mess!

Anonymous said...

Simple is always the best! Especially with great ingredients!

TC said...

Your recipes and way of looking @ food make me want to cook and that is quite a trick since I HATE to cook!

Meg said...

Shrimp cocktail is one of my favorite things to eat! Plain and simple! Thanks for stopping by my blog.