Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekend Sans Kids---Hoooowaaa

So part of what I want to do with my blog is document time we spend with people we love. Over the past week, we have had our neighbors over, been to a party, been out on a date, been over to a girlfriends house for a girls night….none of which I took one single picture of. Sigh. I realize once the fun begins, I forgot about the camera. So, this will be a serious learning curve for me.

That said, this weekend the kids went to see Granddaddy and Grandma. That meant a whole weekend to ourselves. At first we planned to squirrel ourselves away and not see a soul. Then we decided we would have one night with friends and one night to ourselves. We finally decided, both nights with friends. Reality is, we don’t get a child free night, that also permits us to sleep until God wakes us the next morning often. Why not live it up? So Friday night we saw friends we don’t get to see nearly often enough. We had planned for a cheap night out, but at last minute they decided to bring dinner to our house and cook. Really how can you turn that down???

I went to Ellwood Thompson and got some yummy cheese and olives, and then by For the Love of Chocolate for some brownies and chocolates. So really talk about making out for us, we get to hang out with friends, they cook, and even our contribution we don’t’ have to cook! Score!

They made a coconut chicken soup that was amazing. Really, I don’t think anyone said a word while slurping it down. Then we had a very simple but wonderful argugula salad. For dinner it was fettuccini with muscles. The chef, felt he had put too many herbs in the sauce??? I thought he was crazy. It was amazing.

It was a great evening with great people. Who could ask for anything more. Plus when dinner was done, we got to just roll into bed!

The next night I have no pictures of. In fact the only reason I have pictures of Friday is my wonderful husband remembered to take pictures for me. We are so lucky to have great neighbors. Saturday one of our fabulous neighbors asked us over for drinks and cheese and then we went to Cielito. It was gorgeous here so we sat outside at their house. They made their secret libation called an “E.” I can’t tell you everything involved, but I will say it involves muddled basil and St. Germain. Lovely! They also got some amazing cheese from River City Cellars and these wonderful fennel olives that they brought back from a visit to Charleston. Joel and I had done a ton of work around the house and out in the yard that day so we were that wind whipped sort of tired, it was a gorgeous night, the drinks were amazing and the food was yummy….it was really and truly perfection. After some munchies and talk we went to the restaurant, and were lucky to get the last table outside. Joel and I have never been big fans of Cielito Lindo. We have never had anything bad there, but never had anything worth writing home about. However, it was close to home, we could sit outside and our neighbors swore they had the inside track on what was good to eat there. Turns out Taco’s Del Res, rock at Cielto.

So, lets recap….

No kids.
Great company.
Awesome food.

Can you say perfection??


Chef E said...

Awe Man! I love dishes like that! I will never forget my first, I could not sop up the sauce enough with my bread! *slurp*

Hoooooowaaa, and you go girl!

Hey you should join us in the Taste of Kentucky Derby party, come over and read the post! I know you like to entertain, and the kids can join in, no wine, well their kind of course, lol!

Cinnamon-Girl said...

Sound like you thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! I'm sure you deserved it too - like a mini-vacation.

Chris said...

No kids for the weekend? That is the PERFECT time for NOT taking pictures;) No incriminating evidence! Glad ya'll had fun!

Anonymous said...

Since it is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.............................................

Carla and Michael said...

Good for you two. A well appreciated respite. Love the mussels. We regularly make a copycat version of Carraba's mussels. So easy, simple, you can't go wwrong.

Rhandi said...

Ok, I'll say it- PERFECTION! How fabulous! I am dreaming of the day! Good for you!

xx said...

Everything was sooooo yummy!! But it was the soup that was divine!