Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ludicrous Lamb!

The dinner party went well. I did not snap as many pictures as I intended or should have. I really only can offer the view of the table while setting up and the cheese plate. Sigh. Best of intentions, down the drain. Such is my life! Oh well. Here are the few I have.

Now onto one of the best lamb dishes I have ever made I must say. I think this would be great in a crock pot to.

Leg of lamb

4-6 small or half cloves of garlic
1 large can crushed tomatoes
1 large can petite diced tomatoes

Cut slits in lamb and put garlic cloves down in, salt and pepper lamb well. Put in a covered dish ( I used s turkey roasting pan with lid) pour both cans of tomato with the liquid over. Cook at 250 pretty much all flipping day. I cooked mine for about 7 hours.

It ends up coming out like pulled pork. Tender, all shreddy (I know that is not exactly a word). I then fished the diced tomatoes, and a ladle or the crushed from the bottom of the pan. I put it in my food processor and gave it a quick pulse or two with about a teaspoon of oregano. I didn’t processes it too much because I wanted it thick and chunky. Ladle over meat and eat.

No pictures of this either. It was gone too quickly!


Chris said...

I finally got to posting your meme the other day:)

I've had those great dinners where the pictures just don't get taken. Things get busy, right?

Chef E said...

Ahhh Lamb, that cheese looks divine!

I know it is exhausting to throw dinner parties, or help with them, and clean-up, argh!

Fearless Kitchen said...

I have yet to find lamb that doesn't benefit from a long, low and slow cook. Sounds delicious!

DianasaurDishes said...

Okay the cheese plate is making me drool!