Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Earth, Oprah, and Meat

Okay I have to admit, I love Oprah. I do. I know, lovely, but what does she have to do with food. I will get there, just give me a moment. I don’t get to watch her that often…kids you know… but I had taped her Earth Day program. Sadly last week I finally got a moment to put in on.

Egad. I will admit fully I am not a crazy environmentalist (not that being an environmentalist is crazy). I would rather categorize myself as a lazy or rather haphazard environmentalist. I don’t’ use any pesticides and only natural fertilizer (worm poo, banana peel). That is more a product of laziness and cheapness than anything. The fact that I also believe it is best for mother earth is a secondary factor. Most of my environmental “choices” are like that.

So then I watch Oprah. Egad. And it brings me to why I love her so much. She has a great ability to shape behavior and she uses it to the best of her ability. I always forget those stupid reusable bags when I go to the store, ALWAYS. Makes me crazy. Since watching her Earth Day show, I have not forgotten, not once. There is now a plastic bag ban in my household. Egad.

She had Michael Pollan on the show. He talked about the carbon footprint of food. Who knew? And then he says something that astounds me. If every family in the U.S. would eat one meatless meal a week….just one, it would be the same as taking 20 million mid sized sedans off of the road. Are you kidding me?

The reality is, for my family that is no big deal we love veggies. What better time of the year to give this a whirl than when everything is fresh and wonderful! Last week, with the exception of two days was all vegetarian. We started the week with grilled eggplant, mushrooms, corn , onions, and some sliced tomatoes. The leftovers of this got chopped and turned into a pasta sauce that was righteous (and the kids loved). Then one day it was corn and sliced tomatoes. Yum.

So, what does this all mean. No, I am not going vegetarian. However, I am encouraging you all to give it a whirl one meal a week. Come on, a little eggplant parm, can’t be so bad! :)

Finally, I have not been great at keeping up with my blog of late, but I am going to try to get two posts in a week. There is a poll to the side, please vote for what content you would most like to see most and I will try and get my rear in gear!


Chef E said...

You crack me up...as I always get on bandwagons and finally have also stuck to my guns! Both of our cars are full of those earth bags, and we forget every time, that is until recently to bring them in the store...they give you a whole five cents off your bill if you do!

I was in Texas for three weeks and saw beef everywhere, and am just as guilty of eating it when I am tempted, but have been eating vegetarian three days out of the week for years now...so keep it up girl, and lets spread the word! Our world is worth saving for our future brood!

Cate said...

vanessa, i truly love you. michael pollan is my secret foodie-crush. (don't tell my husband).

the bag thing is so interesting. when i lived in germany for a year, i hardly used anything except my little canvas bags, but after coming back to new york, there were plastic bags everywhere you went. that was in 2000. now, we're getting better. i make a deal with myself: if i remember my bags, i can buy chocolate instead of more bags. that works like a charm.

Chris said...

My vote wasn't listed: "Blog about whatever the heck you feel like cooking!" :)

Reeni♥ said...

I saw this one - and yet I still forget my bags! I'm bad. I'm going to go put them in the car so they will be there when I go shopping.

Donna-FFW said...

What an interesting post. I never ever get to watch Oprah either, but I would have liked to see that one.