Monday, June 1, 2009

Tagged and Jamming

Okay two fun things happened the other day. First I was tagged by Tatersmama's Take On Things and asked to post the 6 picture in the 6th folder under my pictures on my computer. Then I was to tell about the picture and tag 6 others to do the same. Ironically my 6th folder was the original picture folder I set up for Mommy Gourmet. Even more interestingly the 6the picture is the first post I did where I took a picture. It was my fourth post but the first where I took a picture.

Sadly ,it was not great culinary feast, veggie pasta salad. Kinda ho-hum. I am going to be equally as uninspired and pass this mission on to my first 6 followers minus who tagged me! So here is who gets tagged my me, go visit their sites!

Though not so ho-hum and certainly a much more interesting photo are the one of my jam session the other day with my friend and neighbor from Punch Photo . He had been on mission throughout the neighborhood pilfering mulberries.

He asked if I would be up for trying to make some mulberry jam. I am up for most challenges, so I said, “Yessirree!” He came to our place, equipment and berries in hand. I wasn’t sure how good mulberry jam would be. However, the flavor I would tell you is a mix between a grape and a raspberry. It was surprisingly luscious. And I scored a jar in the deal!

So Tristan and I had a decadent afternoon snack… Punch… man I will help you any time!


Tatersmama said...

Hey, the veggie pasta salad looks really good to me! That's why I love checking out blogs... I always manage to get inspiration for meals - and my Old Guy is usually thankful! ;-)
I'll have to check your archives and see if I can find the recipe!

And the mulberry jam? Oh my... it's one of my favorites and we usually mange to find enough mulberries for a couple of jars every year!
(and I run around with purple fingers for days...LOL!

Donna-FFW said...

MMM, homemade jam, cant be much better than that!

Chef E said...

Somewhere in this lovely decadent snack I could see a martini inspiration! I love this kind of jam me a jar, or at least a cracker!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, MG!
I had a whopping (read: unfortunate) FOUR pieces of toast this morning trying the stuff out.
We have to go and grab some more together so we can figure out something else to do with the loot!

Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

Oh this looks great! Thanks so much for tagging me and I'll definitely do it later this week :) I love the idea, but I'm a little scared at what my picture might be!!

Crazy About Cakes said...

I have never tried mulberry jam, but it sounds delicious! I really like your blog. I'm glad I came across it!

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for "tagging me" and for mentioning my blog! I've been having some issues with opening up my picture folders, but am going to try and get it figured out today. My son has a tendency to play around with my computer and I think he may have messed something up!

Tatersmama said...

This looks yummy! I had everything on hand to make it last night (including some left over chicken) but I got too lazy to do anything... and fell asleep watching the news!

When I was showing the pic of your dish to the Old Guy, he asked if that was you on the sidebar... and when I said it was, he said that you had a lovely face!
(he's not a smarm...believe me, and when he says something he means it) :-)

I tried posting a comment yesterday, but blogger wasn't cooperating, so even though I may be a day late - at least I got here!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, mulberry jam sounds very yummy! Would love some right now!

zerrin said...

Believe or not, yesterday I made mulberry jam, too. And I am planning to write a post on it soon. We love it so much and when we saw fresh mulberries at the open market, we bought 2 kilos. After the regular process, I put it in a tray and wait under sun to have the right consistency.
Yours look wonderful! And it makes a great snack on a slice of bread.