Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Apologies Poll's Are Up!

First, the poll is up so please go to the following blogs and then come back and vote for your favorite dish and also for the evening you most would have liked to have been a part of.




Also, I want to let everyone know I am either having problems with my site or with my computer. I keep getting a run error and the page will shut down. It has made posting really hard and visiting other blogger sites (issue is only in blogger)very hard. So that said, can you please e-mail me and let me know if you are having an issue with blogger or my site to help me pinpoint the issue!!


Chris said...

I did with yours earlier this week and just a few others but it seems to be working fine now. Earlier this week, it would load your page in and after a second or two, tell me an error occurred, closing the page out.

girlichef said...

Sorry I'm not sure of your email address, so I can't email you, but I know alot of people were having problems if they were using Internet Explorer (me included). I finally got so fed up that I switched to Mozilla Firefox (free to download...recommended by Reeni) and all is smooth sailing now!!

Kristen said...

The error you've been getting is a common error in IE with blogspot right now, it works in Firefox.

Donna-FFW said...

Im still having some issues with blogger. Loved your entries..cant believe I missed the deadline, got sidetracked as always. Cant wait to see who won.

Karin said...

I switched to Firefox too but I don't like that browser. As suggested, I removed Followers gadget but it didn't solve the problem.

Now there is another suggestion: Remove all third party gadgets each one, one at a time,
and test after each removal. When you stop seeing "Operation Aborted", then put each one back, one at a time, again testing after
each addition.

Karin said...

I seem to have solved my issue. I
switched back to 'Full Page' mode from 'Embedded below post' for my comments. That seems to work fine.

For me, it was the comment form for you, it is something else. Maybe Followers widget?