Thursday, July 1, 2010

Plant Some Kindness

This is not food related…well that is unless you want to center your ditch around food??? Let me back up…

I often am amazed at how I find the amazing people I have in my life. One person that continually amazes me is Patience. Patience has this way of looking a life that truly makes me wish she would have been my mom. She has a greater grasp on what is important than anyone I have ever know.

Anyway she, also, has an amazing blog called Kindness Girl. Periodically she does what she has dubbed Gorilla Goodness, and she is gearing up a new campaign, “The Great Ding Dong Ditch.” I have always wanted to do one, and finally am. I will post later the results of my “ditches.”
However, for now, no reason you couldn’t get in on the yummy goodness and plant a little kindness in your own back yard.

Just a thought.

Because, if nothing else ever does, Kindness really does change everything.


Chef E said...

I like this- can I buy some samples of your products? I want to list them on my site too :)

patience said...

oh my friend, you are too kind! it's so lovely to have you in my life...that is for sure! hope you guys have fun doing the great ding dong ditch!

melekler korusun final said...

thank you

zerrin said...

Hi Vanessa,
I've never heard of such an event before and to learn more about it, I visited the website you gave here. And admired that Ding Dong Ditch event. It is a lovely way of making people happy and reminding them there is still something good and positive on earth. Thank you for introducing it. Wish you and your family a great summer.