Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Cheese, Some Meat and a Teaser

It was a fantastic weekend in RVA. Saturday I headed over to the farmers market to see cheese maker extraordinaire Rona from Sullivan’s Pond Farm (http://www.sullivanspond.com). This week I got blue, a waxed goats and some eggs. Then, I headed home. Just FYI guys you can go to her website and have her set aside things for you, because she has been know to sell out. Also, she will have asparagus this week.

Several weekends ago I told you about the new beds we put in, this weekend I planted them. It is a schooch early since our frost free date is the 15th, but I threw caution to the wind. Saturday was a long day. With the exception of some okra, eggplant and tomatoes most of what was going in was direct sow, so that was a lot of holes, filled with compost. It was a lot of time in what I am sure looked like a horrible rendition of downward dog to my neighbors. I was tired and as a wonderful reward we sat on the patio and the kids dinned al fresco and we dinned on cheese (frankly my favorite sort of dinner). Both cheese were out of this world. Thanks again Rona!

The next day we had friends over for…I don’t know what you would call it. Soft tacos, meat stuffed tortillas??? I don’t know but it amounted to yummy goodness.

2 lbs sirloin
2 cloves garlic grated
1 tsp salt
¼ cup lemon
¼ oil

Put it all in a bag and marinate for 4 hours or so then cook. I grilled it. Frankly, I did the unthinkable, I put the meat on the grill and then forgot about it. Oppps. When I came running outside as if my hair was on fire I was very thankful to see it was not a black mess, but interestingly I did not have to flip the meat??? Either way, meat, lettuce, salsa, sour cream and avocado all packed into a plump tortilla.... forgetaboutit.

Oh and the company…superb as always!!

So I have been super busy of late, working on a big project. I miss seeing some of my favorite blogs but hope I will get more time for my favorite reads once I finish tieing up some loose ends. That said, I hope everyone checks out St. Stephen’s Farmers Market this summer http://saintstephensrichmond.net/templates/System/details.asp?id=47922&PID=730854. If you want more teasers...follow me on twitter...all for now….


Chef E said...

meat and cheese look yummy! I love having the farms around me to buy from, makes being a locavore so much fun!

Chris said...

Sigh, I haven't found a good source for cheese here in Knoxville but the Fresh Market does carry a pretty substantial line of cheeses.